Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Shiba Christmas Party

This post is basically just a bunch of random pictures because I totally slacked at taking pictures and didn't even get a single one of present opening or anything festive.  Luckily near the end of the evening my uncle found my camera, which was abandoned on a table, and took some quality pictures for us.  I think they are fabulous.

First of all, my cousins wore the most delightful outfits!  Alli was wearing a dress when we came in, she hugged us and then said, "great, now you've seen my holiday outfit - I can go change now!"  And came back in this.  With her sister in a Totoro onesie and her other sister in a very regal looking snuggie.  What.

Even Nathan rocked a onesie, if only for part of the evening!  I still don't know what Rilakkuma is.

I love those kids!  It's kind of funny how different their "grandma's house going" experience is than from what mine always was.  When I was little, my grandma had the best toys and books.  Now, it's all about those IPads!  Haha!

Us slightly older folk always have a lot of fun laying around chatting.  Literally laying around, as shown in two separate cases below.

After we ate some delicious food and opened some excellent presents, it was time to eat the cake Alli brought!  It was glittery and lovely.

I think this picture is the funniest thing in the world.

It was a really fun evening spent with these people who I love so much.  Glad it was documented in some way, haha!

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