Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Lights At Temple Square

Stewart is pretty much the coolest.  He took me on a date to Temple Square!

We tripled with Matt, Taryn, Brady, and Maddy.  It was an awesome group and it was so fun hanging out with all of them.  Not to mention, walking around Temple Square was an absolute dream.  The lights are so beautiful!

We stopped in all of the tabernacles to sit and chat.  Stewart and I gushed about the grand pianos.  I knew that he is a pianist (and a really good one at that), but I didn't know he was so passionate about pianos!  It was cool learning that about him.  In one of the tabernacles, there was an organist playing Christmas music, so that was entertaining to listen to and watch!

The view from the conference center is really pretty.  We didn't hang around long before we were kicked off, though.  Just because they were closing up for the night!

So yeah.  It was a wonderful evening! Stewart is freaking awesome, and so are the lights at Temple Square.

This is kind of my favorite picture ever.

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