Saturday, December 13, 2014

Today Was Good

Some days I just wake up with the need for an adventure.  I try to be responsible and blog or clean or do homework or whatever, but I just can't stop thinking about how beautiful the world is and how I really just want to explore it all!

That happened this morning.  Of course, you can't go far when you have a bridal shower to go to in the middle of the day, but any day can seem like an adventure if approached correctly!

So I called up my dear cousin Allie and asked if she would be up for scouting out places for bridals with me.  I'm taking Seiji and Kylie's next week and it would be good to be prepared!  We went to an old pioneer cemetery that I love and spent a lot of time looking at graves.  I seriously love cemeteries!  I know, it sounds like a morbid place to take bridals, but I'm pretty sure it is going to be perfect.

Please don't judge the fact that I never edit pictures before putting them on my blog.  But really, do these need anything anyway?  The colors were amazing.

After spending lots of time at the cemetery, we headed to the grocery store because I was in desperate need of a pomegranate!

Yay pomegranates!  I'm so glad Allie likes them too.  They are truly the greatest.  It was the perfect feast before the next exciting thing to happen... we registered for a tour across the country!  Wait, what?!  Yes.  We really really did.  We are going on a church history tour together next summer and we couldn't be more excited!  It hits so many places that I've always wanted to go to!

After registering, we went on over to my grandma's (her aunt's! #secondcousins) house for Kylie's bridal shower!

Now, I have to say that quilt making is my best bridal shower idea yet.  Also my only bridal shower idea.  But seriously, I think it is genius!  Of course, that is coming from someone who simply hates games.  Party games are the worst.  But who doesn't love tying quilts (don't answer that question)!?  Also, Kylie gets a quilt made with love out of it.  Win win.

It was a fun bridal shower!  There was delicious food and I love the ladies of my family.  We had a great time!

After the shower I didn't know what I wanted to do.  I had discussed a movie watching night with some of my friends, but the itch for adventure raged on and I went to Kylie for advice on what to do next.  We decided to embark on the most rewarding adventure there is... a temple trip!

We were literally the only youth there!  All of the temple workers were so excited to have us, and our temple trip ended up being super short because we didn't have to wait at all.  Though short, it was a special trip.  The spirit was so strong there.  We love the temple!

After we went to the temple, we went to Thanksgiving Point because they have the best fries ever.  I decided that the rest of the food is subpar, but it is definitely worth visiting the deli for the fries and the ice cream.  SO GOOD.

We then went through the Starbucks drive through because we decided that getting out of the car sounded like a bad idea (it was pretty cold!)  We were in that drive through FOREVER!  But we have the best conversations, so it was good.

Our evening was finished with going home and watching a movie with my mom, Nathan, and Seiji!

It was an overall spectacular day.  I mean, I didn't do anything that exciting, but it is all in the little things, you know?  I feel so, so blessed to be surrounded with so many amazing people, and so grateful for all of my many freedoms and opportunities.  Life is so good!

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