Sunday, December 7, 2014

Why I'd be the (Almost) Perfect 50s Housewife

I was not born in the wrong decade.  Nope.  As a Japanese woman, I am so grateful that I wasn't born until this generation!  Things are good.  HOWEVER.  If I was born back in the 30s and spent the 1950s as a housewife, I could totally rock it, and here is why.

Cleaning is one of my favorite pastimes
Seriously!  I love cleaning.  So much.  I get all anxious when the house is dirty and can't concentrate on anything unless my environment is at least somewhat neat.  Cleaning has become therapeutic to me, in a way.  I love that I am the last one to leave every other morning, because I like to spend an hour or so with the house to myself to just clean and clean...

I am an excellent cook, if I do say so myself
Sukiyaki is my specialty, but I can also make some killer Indian curry.  I'd like to think that I am a pretty good cook, and can whip together some delightful meals if given time.  Of course, I don't just make any old boring thing - I like to cook all sorts of ethnic food and try new recipes!  If I had time, I would cook every night and it would be absolutely dreamy.

My sewing talents are above average
Sewing is such a lost art.  It used to be the norm to know how to sew!  Luckily I am into the seamstress ways, and could create an entire wardrobe if I had to.

And, uh, I dress like a 50s housewife
This picture was taken several years ago.  But I pretty much look the same.  Weird.

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