Friday, January 2, 2015

A Day of Winter Break

Other than the LOTR marathon, I hadn't really spent any time with my friends over this winter break.  That is truly a devastating thing.  I love my friends so much, but we have all been so busy with trying to catch up with our lives while keeping up with the holiday hubbub!  But yesterday, instead of working on my TSA project like I planned to, I decided that spending the first day of the year with my best friends would be more worth my time.

"We look good together in pictures because we all look the same.  You know.  Thick glasses and swooping side bangs"

We started with a pomegranate party.  Because pomegranates are THE BEST.  We had three pomegranates that we opened three different ways.  Bailey slapped his with a wooden spoon to get the seeds out.  I cut mine in wedges.  Jeff opened his in a bowl of water so that the white stuff would float, leaving you with the seeds at the bottom.  I liked my way the best, it was the coolest and cleanest.  But Bailey's was the fastest!

After that, we didn't really know what to do.  Our options are really limited in the winter, since I freaking hate the cold.  Being outside is not really worth it.  So we went to Jeff's basement where we hung around, found some nunchuks, and chatted with Jeff's sister and her fiance.  Then Bailey taught me how to play chess!  I'm really glad he taught me, I've always wanted to know.  But I don't think I want to play it ever again.  Too many things to think about, plus you can't even sacrifice yourself in the end.  What the heck?!

It was actually a draw, thanks to Jeff's sister's fiance who helped me out.

We decided that nothing would happen unless we hit the road.  We headed to Target where we bought matching socks.  You know, the true symbol of bestfriendsmanship.  As you can see, we also had a fun time looking at all of the horrible hats and making fun of the models (who are not nearly as attractive as they used to be).  It was pretty fun, and I'm excited to wear my wolf socks to school!

The Asian Market was quite a distance from Target, but I've been in need of some more rice seasoning so we figured it would be worth the trip.  Plus car rides are the best, with our interesting conversations and the struggle to find suitable car-ride music.  We ended up with Frank Sinatra and felt classy.

Last time we went to the Asian Market, Bailey bought a bunch of noodles to try.  He decided that "Daily" noodles are the best, so we bought a bunch of that brand and realized that we were STARVING.  Rather than finding somewhere to eat, we headed back to my house and feasted upon Daily noodles.  They were indeed delicious.

I'm continually grateful that my friends know how to use chopsticks.  They couldn't survive at my house without that skill.

After that we hung around my basement for a little bit, drank "fake wine" (sparkling cider, haha), and delivered some lights to my mom.  I decided that we would go on a nice drive, because drives to the Draper temple are my favorite things ever.  Jeff suggested that we stop to see the view off of Potato Hill on the way.  So we sprinted up the hill for a picture!  It was so, so cold!  But I'm glad we stopped.

And if you are going to drive past the temple, you have to at least get out for a picture, right?  Right.  Too bad we couldn't get a good one.

Jeff and I have several Starbucks gift cards, so we decided to go spend some of them.  It was actually Bailey's first time at Starbucks, so it was kind of fun to show him the ways!  But I have to say, Starbucks really isn't as great as it used to be ever since I met The Duchess.

We had a lot of fun hanging around there for a while!  We love the smell of coffee.

Upon seeing the previous picture, they decided they could create a more artistic shot.  Off came the hipster glasses.

We decided to end the evening back at Jeff's house.  That's where the pomegranates were, so it just seemed right.  We ate Colombian food, Bailey taught us how to do cartwheels (which I'm pretty bad at... but Jeff is even worse), and we chatted until late into the night.

By the time Bailey and I left Jeff's house, we had spent about 12 hours together.  We were impressed with that number until we remembered A101 where we got up early and hung out until around 2 in the morning heh heh.  But that included classes and things, and this day was more fun so it wins.

We decided that we really need to think of more adventurous things to do, because we were drawing blanks this cold winter day.  If you have any good ideas, let us know.  But, even though we didn't do anything exciting, we still had tons of fun!  I am so, so blessed to have these friends in my life.  They are such great influences, they are so interesting, and they don't mind that I take a jillion pictures.

And yes, relief society ladies, Seiji's wedding was today and it was absolutely lovely.  I just decided that I'd wait for the pictures to come in before I blog about it!

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