Monday, January 19, 2015

A Third and Final MLKJ Day Party

We can't believe that the time has come for our third and final Martin Luther King Jr. Day party!  How the years have flown!  Despite our ever busy schedules, my friends and I knew that it was important to keep the tradition alive.  So today Tyler once again threw a magnificent extravaganza!

You may be wondering what sort of delightful object Tyler may be carrying in this picture.  Funny you should ask, because I'm just about to tell you!  Jeff hand crafted an organic dream catcher toilet paper roll holder, inspirational quote included, for our beloved host.  Now that is truly something to treasure!

That wasn't the only fabulous gift exchanged, of course.  I gave Jeff this stunning vinyl quote on wood (found at my favorite store, Deseret Industries) that I thought might influence his life for good.

We find the crooked lettering very symbolic of dancing yourself silly enough that the ins and outs of cultural norms become less important.

Tyler gave me a marshmallow gun and some comrades, and I gave him some bacon toothpaste for those big occasions that might come his way.

The party continued after "the goods" were exchanged!  The three of us couldn't stay away from the keyboard and the funky beats that it supplied us with.  We jammed for quite a while.

I was actually quite impressed with Tyler's ability to whip out some smooth jazz.

Of course, no MLKJ Day party is complete without a movie.  It took us a while to decide what movie to watch (neither of them appreciated my suggestion of The NeverEnding Story), but eventually we decided to watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.  I had never seen it before, and I must say that I really liked it!  It was pretty inspirational in some ways.  Makes me want to adventure more, but then I get sad because it's winter and I'm afraid of the cold.

Oh, and don't forget the refreshments!  The Skittles and apple juice this year were especially sublime.

The party was wrapped up upon the completion of the movie.  I must say that it was one magnificent MLKJ Day party!  It's kind of a shame that it is the last one of its kind, but that won't stop me from sending special gifts next year while these boys are out on their missions.

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