Friday, January 30, 2015

Adventuring in St. George

Annually, my family and I try to find an excuse to head down to St. George.  Luckily for us, my cute cousin Lexi was all ready to be baptized.  So that's where we were this weekend!  And thank goodness too, I was in dire need of an adventure!

Of course, we did a lot of things that I will share with you later, but today I want to focus on a particular day that was completely full of exciting events!

It all started when I was faced with the question of, "do you want to go shopping with the girls or shooting with the boys?"  Kylie and I looked at each other and quickly made the decision that we would jump in the suburban with all of the uncles.

On our way to where we were shooting, we stopped by the "Glitter Pits".  We went there last April, but I've been wanting to go again.  It is just such a cool place!  I wish I could capture just how sparkly it is, but it is something you need to see in real life.  Such a strange sight among all the red rock.

The ground was completely covered in mica.  Of course we had to spend some time looking for the perfect rocks to take home!

After I narrowed my selection of rocks down to one to bring home (it was a hard decision, and Seiji was no help as his only advice was saying, "a good rock is in the eye of the beholder") and Kylie (a rock enthusiast) filled her pockets with rocks of interesting shapes, we went off to find a place to shoot!

I used to go shooting all the time, but only with pistols.  So it was a lot of fun for me to learn how to shoot a shotgun!  Haha my little cousin was nice enough to let me use his gun, so it was pretty easy to handle and the kick wasn't too bad at all.

Of course I was not very good shooting, but I am proud to say that I wasn't completely hopeless!  I was able to hit a disk every now and then, haha.  What I was hopeless at was throwing the disks.  So.  Hard.

My uncle's father in law proposed that we play some sort of game to see who the best shooter was.  We all pitched in money for the winner, and shot one at a time until everyone had missed except one person.

I was so impressed with my uncles!  They never missed!  Rob was only eliminated because he accidentally shot on someone else's turn, so I think it was Matt who won.  And he surely deserved it, as I thought he looked the coolest while shooting.

I really enjoyed shooting, even though it left my arms sore for a couple of days haha.  I definitely need some more practice...

After we went shooting, we went for a bit of a drive.  That's what happens when you get in the car with my grandpa - he starts driving and all of a sudden you end up in a different state or at some historical place.  We ended up in Arizona on this day!  But on our way we stopped at Fort Pearce.  I didn't even read the plaque and I think I must have been asleep when my grandpa explained what it was, because honestly I have no idea what's up with it.  But it was way cool to see!

After stopping there, we drove around some more and ended up at some type of airport place.  From there our adventures concluded.  But I must say that this day was extraordinary!

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