Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Classics (She & Him)

I was super excited for Classics, which was released by She & Him back in December.  I was totally going to buy it, but you basically aren't allowed to buy anything in December because then nobody knows what to get you for Christmas.  Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I eagerly awaited this album and was pretty excited when my uncle got it for me for Christmas (thanks Mike)!

First lets admire the cover.  What cute people!  On a side note: Zooey is pregnant now - like what the heck.  Adorable!  But yeah, I generally don't like when people are on their own album covers (I like cool album art), but Zooey's outfit is cute so whatever.

Well I really liked this album.  I like She & Him's original songs, but they've always done particularly well on covers of older music.  So it was fun to have an album entirely consisting of such.  They just have the most appealing vintage vibe!  And Zooey's voice is perfect for these songs - she's got a voice of last century for sure.  Very fitting.  Yes, yes, it was all very nicely done, though I can't say I've ever really loved M. Ward's voice.  His instrumental talent is exceptional, though, so he and Zooey definitely make a fitting duo.

Favorite tracks: "It's Not For Me To Say", "Stay Awhile", "Time After Time", and "I'll Never Remember".  Basically all of them are good!  Well, "She" is borderline anticlimactic.  And "Would You Like to Take a Walk" makes me laugh every time, though it is a good one.  Haha.  I've been listening to this album in my car all week long (my IPod gave out, so this is seriously all I've been listening to), and it has been eons of fun learning the words so I can sing along!  Yes, I am that kind of person, boys laughing in the car next to mine.

I definitely recommend this album to anyone who is grossed out by the nastiness of modern lyrics, or to lovers of adorable songs and the vintage ways.

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