Saturday, January 3, 2015

Favorites Of The Week

Jeff gave the presidency some rockin' sweaters for Christmas!  Bailey, Jeff, and I decided that it was appropriate to wear them the night that we were supposed to have a SkillsUSA social (it was way too cold to follow through with outdoor ice skating).

Seiji and Kylie worked all week on moving their stuff to their new studio apartment!  It is fun seeing it all come together.  Here is their "entertainment cupboard".

This is Kylie's favorite corner.

I was inspired by their decorating, and thought I'd do some at home too!  I didn't think my mom would notice the newest addition to our family room, but she did.  Thankfully she has left it up.  It's kind of a shame that the glue is warping it so much, but I think we might survive.

Let's end with a series of Shakee posts:
Shakee watching over a sick Kylie.  You can't just get sick before your wedding!

Shakee being fat.

You'd think I'd have taught him by now that it's not nice to pee on people's knife throwing targets.

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