Saturday, January 10, 2015

Favorites Of The Week

This is our good friend David.  We don't actually know him.  But that is okay because we love him.
I actually did get to know him a little bit this week.  I had him tell me his life story.

Our beautiful picture is finally safely secured on the wall of the print lab!

Uh... my friends and I are kind of running out of things to do.  Winter sucks and we are still waiting on your ideas for adventure.
We were going for perfect symmetry.

But we did get creative and make some sushi!  It was delicious!

This is the worst picture ever and I love it.

Tyler, Jeff, and I (also known as the Chapter Display team) decided to buckle down and get to work on our SkillsUSA project.  The clock is ticking and we want to win gold!
Staged picture for our notebook.  "Now everyone react to Tyler!"

Bailey took Jeff and I on the entire tour of all of his property.  Oh my gosh, it was all so beautiful!  His dad is a collector of old things, and his family has been on that land for generations and generations.  So much history!  Oh, and we also lit bottle rockets and we don't really know why.

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