Friday, January 23, 2015

Favorites Of The Week

My parents and I went to a banquet at UVU for Sterling Scholars!  It was cool to be there with my fellow Sterling Scholars from across the state, plus we got free food and I had an excuse to wear my Grandma Shiba's pretty dress (it is actually the dress she made and wore as a bridesmaid for her sister's wedding)!
My grandma was skinnier than me, so this dress was painful to wear!

I spent lots of time with Bailey this week.  Our adventures one night included going to DI and eating sketchy Mexican food.

I also got to help him paint his new room!  Oh my gosh I just love painting walls, I'm not even kidding.  Even though I'm not very good at it, teehee.

T-Money (that's our nickname for Tyler) showed Jeff and I his inheritance that he received from his dead uncle.  It was truly an honor.

Kylie told me what was said at Relief Society.  "Okay, for our Relief Society activity there's a couple different classes about balance.  Our first class is about balancing life with children.  The next class is for those balancing life while being empty nesters.  The next class is for those struggling with Alzheimer's!"  I'll bet you can guess which one Kylie and I attended!  Yup, we learned all about Alzheimer's.  It was pretty cool until near the end when all the old ladies (Kylie and I were the youngest by a good 40 years) started talking about their dead husbands.  Kylie and I started to cry, and I'd imagine it was kind of a funny sight, she and I crying in the corner on behalf of all the old ladies who were perfectly calm.  Anyway, it was a lovely evening spent with my sister, then we headed back to her place to watch Chowder with Seiji!  Love that show and my siblings.

Bailey showed up to my house, then a couple minutes later said, "this is kind of embarrassing, but you and I are basically matching".  I of course had already noticed this, and made sure Jeff snapped a picture before the evening was over.
After hours pants.

SHAKEE IS DRIVING ME CRAZY.  But I still love him.  Don't worry.

At the end of the week when I go through my pictures, it's always fun to come across shots that I didn't know were taken...


Anonymous said...

Hi Madi

I love love your grandma's dress!! It is so retro, if you wear it again I think you should wear white tights with it to give it am 80s feel, And I am not sure but are you wearing penney loafers in the above pic?


Madi Riye said...

Hi Amy!
Thanks! I feel so, so lucky that my grandma saved all her formal dresses. She probably never guessed that her granddaughter would be so excited to wear them! I love the idea of white tights - I would never have thought about it, but you are right that it would give quite the 80s feel. Mostly because of the aqua color, huh! The shoes I was wearing were almost like penny loafers, but not quite. There's a bow on the toe - a great find from H&M!

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