Sunday, January 25, 2015

Happy Saturday

My Saturdays have been extremely eventful lately.  It has been really nice, actually!  Spending time with people who are important to me is such a great thing.  Even though one result is that I never get as much done as I plan to on weekends!

Since I got pictures of almost everything I did yesterday, I thought that it would be reasonable to dedicate a whole blog post to the day.

After trying to sleep in (I can't make it past 9), my mom, Jen, Des, my grandma, and I went to the mall!  I am definitely not a mall person, but it was a lot of fun celebrating my grandmas birthday with her and spending time with the ladies and Des.  Des is seriously the cutest kid!

After we did some quality shopping (I bought cat socks...), Kylie met up with the rest of us at The Old Spaghetti Factory.  I love that place!  Mostly because of their various mizithra cheese dishes and their ice cream.

Kylie and I decided to hang around the mall a little bit longer because we were both in need of some new pants.  We went to a couple of stores but unfortunately our pants needs were not satisfied!  I guess we could have tried looking for longer than an hour and a half, but I'm telling you - shopping is rough stuff and we suck at it.

After giving up on shopping and taking the long way home just to avoid other cars, Kylie dropped me off home.  And Sarah promptly called and declared a DI trip!  She came and picked me up, and I, as always, admired the pictures taped in her car.

We were looking for a lamp stand to turn into a plant holder, but no such luck.  It wasn't a complete waste of a trip, though, because we found this gem!

Somehow, it is even creepier in real life.  We made a lot of evil plans with this doll, mostly involving putting it in places to scare our friends.  None of the plans have been carried out yet, but I have no doubt it will be worth the 50 cents it costed!

While at DI, Sarah's friend Chase showed up.  She had told me stories of him, so it was awesome to finally meet him!  He's a pretty cool guy, he recently got back from boot camp (he's a marine) and has some interesting stories.  Also, he is into the vintage ways and has an extensive collection of cameras.  With those facts and his humor, we got along quite nicely!

The three of us continued our adventures to Petsmart, where we admired dog calendars, researched how to properly care for a snake, and checked out this cool and confident dog that was getting groomed.

We then went to Nook & Cranny!  I have been wanting to go there in the dark so bad lately, because the place looks unbelievably cozy with the white Christmas lights on the outside and the incandescent lighting within!  It was indeed a cozy feeling trip, we had a lot of fun looking at everything for an extensive period of time.  It's been way too long since I've been antique shopping!

After that, I went home and Bailey called.  Soon enough, he, Jeff, and I were in my car driving to who knows where!  We ended up at Taco Amigo, because who doesn't love that place?!  Really.

After that we went back to my house and Facetimed our BFF Eths who forgot to hang out with us.  We ended up playing Scattergories over Facetime.  It worked surprisingly well, and it was as fun as ever!  Ethan really knows how to spice up that game.

The rest of the evening consisted of chatting, chatting, and even more chatting.  I'd say it was a day well spent!

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