Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mount Timpanogos Temple

Not having morning classes is a beautiful thing.  This morning I decided that a stop by the temple would be a good idea.  I wouldn't have time to go in, but I've been wanting to get some pictures.  So I called up Sarah, who is always keen on skipping band (oh gosh I'm a horrible influence), and the two of us headed to the Timpanogos Temple!

What a beautiful place.  To be honest, this has never been that impressive of a temple to me.  By looks, it really isn't one of my favorites.  But it has been growing on me as I continue to go to it.  And now I think I can say I truly appreciate how pretty it is!

Of course, what would a chilly winter morning adventure be without a stop by Starbucks?

I'm so grateful for all of Utah's temples, and for Sarah who happens to be my favorite girl when it comes to friends.  Hope you all also had a lovely morning!

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