Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Seiji & Kylie's Luncheon

This sign made my day.

After the temple, all of the extended family headed over to the luncheon!  Good old Jeff was willing to take the pictures there, that blessed boy.

Kylie wore the prom dress I made her during her junior year.  I loved that she wore it, it was fun to see again... and she rocks it!

Haha, we always have to laugh when all of the grandmas pull out their smartphones for pictures.

The luncheon was lovely.  We had to wait longer than we thought for our food, but it was fun to visit with everyone as they showed up.

The food ended up being delicious!  I liked the venue, there was so much natural light and it was so cheery.  Near the end of the extravaganza, Rob pulled out a giant ball and chain.  With that, we of course expected the worst.  But he actually gave a rather touching speech on how Seiji and Kylie are now bound together, and that marriage can be a heavy weight.  But if they can bear the weight together, all will turn out well!  It was sweet.

I'd say that the luncheon went well.  After it was over, my mom and I headed off to the reception venue to get it ready.  It was good to have a little break - Seiji and Kylie were exhausted by this point!

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