Thursday, January 8, 2015

Seiji & Kylie's Wedding Reception

I actually quite liked the venue for the wedding reception.  It was a church-owned building behind a stake center, and one wall was composed of giant windows.  And there was a fireplace!  With our tree branch and Christmas light decorations, I think that it looked sufficiently magical.

You can't tell in the pictures above because of the necessary flash, but the lighting was really pretty.  It made for a very dreamy atmosphere.  And the white roses everywhere were beautiful!  I think that this picture taken with an IPhone is the only one that captures the cozy feel of the reception...

Let's talk about how great the food was.  Every dessert imaginable!  Kylie's family did an amazing job, the spread was indeed impressive.  And the cake that her aunt made was beautiful!

I'm glad that we decided against having the bridesmaids in the line, because it was fun visiting with everybody as they came.  Even some of my friends stopped by to hang out!  It was so good to see them as well as a few of Seiji's friends who we hadn't seen for a while.

I've missed Alex, Ben, and Chris!

It was a really nice evening.  My feet KILLED by the end of it!  I couldn't believe that it all happened so quickly; the day flew by, and then whoosh!  They were off on their honeymoon!

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