Saturday, January 31, 2015

We Love St. George

I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful the weather was during our weekend in St. George.  We left home and it was gray and rainy, but right now in St. George is it the perfect amount of sunny!  60ish degree weather is absolutely ideal, if you ask me.

As I mentioned, the reason we went to St. George was to see little Alexis get baptized!  She is the cutest thing ever, I can hardly imagine a sweeter girl.  It was lovely to watch her get baptized and confirmed - we are so proud of her!

And of course, it was fun to get away from everyday life and spend time with the entire family.  It's way convenient that Seiji and Kylie are married now, because Kylie can come to all of these things with us.  And she's the best!

Hotel experiences are always great for us, as they involve lots of TLC (best channel ever/we love trash TV), swimming pools, and on some occasions, getting your hair melted in a hair dryer (Kylie all of a sudden called "I need assistance!" to which I walked to the bathroom where she was saying, "do you mean aSISTERance! Heh heh heh."  We then proceeded to cut her hair with fingernail clippers).

Also, with the room to your right containing your aunt and the room to your left containing your grandma, it is hard not to declare Ladies Night.  Jen drove us to the nearest grocery store to get the essentials for an evening of TLC.

The final thing we did in St. George was get haircuts.  Haha, yup, we all got them!  Kylie and I needed trims, Jen and my mom needed to dye their hair, and the boys needed haircuts.  We thought it would be a perfect time, since my St. George dweller aunt is a wonderful cosmetologist.  She took us to the salon she works at, which was definitely an experience that I'm not used to.  It was cool, though, I enjoyed the mirrors and the lighting!

I had Stacey cut layers in my hair, and I am loving them!

Well, there are just a couple of things we did in St. George.  What an absolutely excellent time we had - it was just what I needed to snap out of this dreary winter funk!  And I finally got to try Kylie's favorite Mexican food place, Qdoba, so that's a win of its own right there.


Kenzie Draper said...

HAHA TLC is the best!! I'm glad you're all caught up on blogging, I love reading about your life!

Madi Riye said...

Thanks for liking my blog, haha! It is hard to keep up, so it definitely feels good when I get a chance to catch up. Also, I'm so glad that you also enjoy TLC because really... it is the greatest thing ever!

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