Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Day in the Life

Every school year I try to do a day in the life type of post, since my life is slightly different year by year.  I figured today would be a good day to do so!

Well, every morning of mine starts out with the unearthly blaring of my alarm.  It seems a little morbid to me that that is the first thing I am conscious of every single day of my life, but what can you do?  Every other day I get to sleep in a little bit, and then have time to clean the house or do homework before class, but on the other days I have to get up early and get ready for seminary.

I love seminary!  Yes, it is definitely hard to get up for, it being first period, but my teacher is so, so good and I get a lot from the lessons.  Also, sometimes Grace cracks me up with her habit of bringing a cereal box and eating right from it.

After seminary, or after I clean the house/go grocery shopping/sleep in in some cases, I go to some distance education classes.  I basically sleep through art, but I do enjoy it when I remember to listen!  English is rough, because there are just so many distractions, but I do find it to be an interesting class.

After I go to my class, I devote the next couple of hours to working on my SkillsUSA project!  Seriously, every single free moment of school life has to be dedicated to that thing or else it will never get done.

Eventually lunch comes around, and though we should be working, my friends and I often just go and have fun!

I don't have a fourth period, so every day I spend some more time working on Chapter Display after lunch as well.  Then, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I go to Philosophy at 2:00!  That is a fun one because Jeff and I just talk the whole time.  Which is HORRIBLE because then we don't know what is going on.  But I do like the class!

After class I speed off to work where I get to hang out with Madison.  The two of us always have something interesting to talk about, and we always get to go do fun things!  We love going to the farm every day, because we think it smells good and there are cute animals haha.

Depending on the day, after work I teach piano!  It is absolutely exhausting to teach piano, but so rewarding and generally pretty fun.  Kids are so amusing!

After I teach piano, my responsibilities for the day are over!  Then I'm free to run off with my friends or family, play piano myself, or in some horrible cases, do homework.  Eventually I get around to going to bed.  Then the next day starts all over again with the same routine!

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