Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Favorite Memories With My Dad

Today is my dad's birthday!  Here is the cutest picture in the world of the two of us.

Upon pondering what I should post in honor of this special day, I thought about some of my favorite things about my dad.  He's pretty much hilarious and makes me laugh every time he talks to me (whether or not he means to, haha!) and I must say that he is one smart guy.  But I'd say that my favorite thing about my dad is the amazing childhood that he gave me.  Seriously, Seiji and I had the most fun childhood ever!  And we owe it all to our fabulous parents.  Here are some of my favorite memories with the dad guy:

My first memory ever was my dad pulling us around in boxes.  That was one of my favorite things to do - I would sit in a box, and my dad would pull me all around the house!  I swear he would do it for hours because I thought it was so much fun.  Really, he played with me all throughout my childhood.  He was such a good sport!  He would sit through the plays that my friends and I would make up and perform.  He would help me bake with my awesome Easy Bake Oven.  He would be the prince when I wanted to have a ball (I loved playing dress ups), and he would give a valid effort to play Barbies with me, even though the Barbies he was in charge of only wanted to play "punchy time".

My dad took my family on a lot of adventures.  He was quite the explorer, and always knew the best places to go camping!  I remember one year we went, and there were caterpillars EVERYWHERE.  They were dropping from the trees above us constantly - it sounded like it was raining.  It was freaky at first, especially for me (I used to hate bugs!), but we got used to it quickly enough.  Though I was glad when it was time to leave!

As I got older, my dad proved to be the "cool dad".  He would always be up for taking my friends and I shopping and even bought us stuff.  My friends were amazed with how awesome my dad was, and I had to agree.

My dad has always supported me.  I have done most everything in my life, from ballet to fencing, and my dad has never missed a performance or competition.  He even went to my choir concerts!  Not only does he go to my events, he also makes an effort to tell me how proud he is of me.  One of the cutest things ever was when he got me a huge bouquet of flowers after seeing a musical that I was in!

My dad has taught me a lot over the years.  He's taught me how to shoot a gun, how to kill spiders, how to fill bike tires, and a bunch of random computer things that I will probably never need to know.  Even now there are some things that I know only my dad can help me with!

So Dad, I hope that you have had the most excellent birthday.  I love you so, so, much.  I am extremely blessed to have you as my dad!

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