Friday, February 6, 2015

Favorites Of The Week

I officially accepted a full 4-year scholarship for UVU!  I got it based off of my grades and ACT score, and I couldn't be more excited to be a UVU student.

Oh how I enjoy this boy.  Bailey and I went on many adventures this week, ranging from cemetery exploring to American Idol watching with his mom.  One day, we tried to go to an art museum but it was closed... so a dead animal museum it was!

I try to visit Seiji and Kylie on the weekly!  This week I was able to spend some time with Kylie.  Together we watched some ridiculous movies and went to Ocean Mart.
It is very important for me to keep Kylie company while the men game.

Ah yes.  The weekly surprise pictures on my camera!  I think I was in the bathroom when this was taken.
This was the day that the three of us went to Cafe Rio for lunch.  It is fabulous to not have fourth periods!

Yay temple selfie!  We went to the Draper temple to find it closed for maintenance.  So we went to the Jordan River temple, where they were so overwhelmed that the wait would be an hour and a half.  We ended up at Oquirrh!

EXCITING NEWS!  We got a new Chapter Display teammate and we can't even believe it happened.  Somehow Dustin, G, and even Bailey decided that it would be better for him to quit the video team (which is crazy because he's the top film kid in the school) and instead work with his friends (us!) on Chapter Display.  Mostly on account of he has the skills we are lacking, and he would have way more fun and be less stressed with us.  Seriously, though.  Most exciting thing of our lives.

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