Friday, February 13, 2015

Favorites Of The Week

Life, the Universe, and Everything.  That is the name of the symposium Eths, Jeff, and I attended this week!  We got extra credit in English for listening to a couple of guys argue about making up languages.  It was fun!  Of course, we had to follow the conference with Costa Vida (which was the second time there this week for Eths and I).

Sarah and I went to get ice cream because we absolutely love that stuff.  Actually, we went two nights in a row.  We have a problem.

One night, we ate our ice cream and then wanted more.  But we thought it might be a little bit awkward to go through the line again.  So we decided to head over to Ethan's place for smoothies!

Temple selfie!  I love these two, and I love the temple.  There's no better way to start your Saturday!

Ethan and I went to my mom's class to talk to her students about the Chinese New Year festival that is coming up.  We also taught them how to make Chinese lanterns.  They were so cute!

One of my favorite things about Sarah is that she doesn't hesitate to call me for any reason.  She called me late one night saying that she needed to find a vase by the next morning.  Of course, that sent us off on quite the adventure (one doesn't just find the perfect vase at the first store she goes to)!

I AM TOO EXCITED ABOUT DEATH CAB'S NEW ALBUM.  I'm so digging their new single.  And I just can't wait for the entire album to be released.  Ahhh!

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