Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!

It is that time of year again!  Chinese New Year.  Actually, it came pretty late in the year this time around, but you know.

This year I once again offered to be in charge of the photobooth at Mr. Andersen's giant Chinese New Year extravaganza.  The man is a visionary, and every year the festival is bigger and better.  I was happy to help out!  And so relieved that my dear Sarah was so willing to assist me, as well as Ethan who stopped by quite often.

I actually showed up only like 40 minutes before the entire thing started, just enough time to set up lights and make sure everything was ready.  Soon enough, 5:00 hit and everyone wanted their pictures taken!  I'd have to say that these pictures of my friends were my favorite to take.

It was really fun seeing some people that I went to China with last summer!  All of the moms, in particular.  One was even wearing the same shirt as me!

The time went quickly, and soon enough all the booths closed down and it was time for the performances!  Ethan and Sarah went off to perform, and Bailey went to film while I stayed back to protect all the expensive gear and start cleaning up.  Soon enough, though, Eths and Bailey came back and we killed some time by getting some truly wonderful timed pictures.

I can't believe how quickly it all went by!  After staying around to clean some, we ditched and sat at Culver's for like two hours because we were so thirsty.

Overall, it was a really fun night!  I enjoyed helping out, and even more so enjoyed the fact that I got to spend time with my friends.

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