Sunday, February 15, 2015

I Don't Have Much To Say

I don't have much to say today, but I still have to blog because I have never missed a day and I'm not about to start now.  I even searched the whole internet for puns worthy of my blog (usually chemistry, artist, composer, or history related) but I swear I've heard every one in the book.  Shame!  So I'm just going to talk about some things on my mind this evening.

Salinger.  Love that guy.  So much.  Really though, I love love Plath, but Salinger really knows how to write about angst in such a detached way that it seems so normal.  Both of those authors do, actually.  I couldn't pick which one I like more.  Both of them write in such a raw form, if that makes sense, nothing is prettied up but rather just "matter of fact".  I'm in the middle of Franny and Zooey, which I have wanted to read for YEARS but only now have the time to read what I choose (with the lack of vigorous honors English reading requirements).  It is exceptional so far!  Franny has such a depth to her, I love her already.  I'll write more about the book once I'm done, of course.

So I'm kind of broke now.  Not really, but kind of.  I sent in a payment early for the church history tour I'm going on, so I have less money on my debit card than usual.  I sent it early on purpose, of course, as kind of a hint to myself that I need to start spending less, though mostly I just spend money on food.  Actually, I don't really anticipate spending less money on food because I love it too much!  I'm excited for the tour though.  I don't know if I've mentioned it before or not, but my lovely cousin Allie and I are going to go across the entire country this summer, learning about American and LDS history.  It will be so cool!

My computer sounds like coffee brewing.  It used to drive me crazy but now I don't notice it.  Speaking of coffee, I love waking up to the smell of it.  Nothing is more comforting than that, and I don't know why.  Maybe just because I love the smell.  Or I wonder if it has to do with memories of sleepovers at my grandma's house, waking up to the smell of coffee and the most delicious breakfast.  I miss those days at my grandma's house, I should really stop by for a visit one of these days...

It is surprising to me how many words I can spit out on occasions like such.  I could write and write and write about topics that I choose, yet I struggle getting enough pages written for any given English assignment.  I'm really sick of writing what people tell me to write about, so I'm pretty excited that I will be done with English forever after this semester.  Even though I really do like the subject!

That's about all that is on my mind tonight!  Life is good.  The weather is nice.  I am happy.

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