Saturday, February 7, 2015

It's Spring! (Kind Of)

I couldn't be happier today.  Why?  Because it is basically spring!

As I've mentioned a couple of times, winter is a tough one for me, especially the months of January and February.  Gray skies, cold weather, and short days make for an unhappy adventurer, considering that I HATE the cold.  Winter is just so restricting!  I can't go outside and outside happens to be my favorite place.

So you can understand why I am so jubilated about the current whether, which is in the mid 60s.  Perfect.  I wasn't about to let this go to waste, so I decided to do one of my favorite warm weather activities... trail running!

Luckily for me, Bailey was all about the idea of joining me for a run, even though it is not his favorite thing.  I think that he too was anxious to get outside.

Look at that sky!

He was so much fun to run with - he kept up a good pace, could talk while jogging, and was okay with the idea of stopping often to see the sights!  Because man, it was beautiful out there!  I mean yeah, all of the plants were dead and everything, but it was still pretty.  And there were some overlooks of the valley to see and some cool rocky walls to try and climb.

Haha all of these pictures were staged after our run.  Bailey understands the value of a good picture, so he was patient while helping me find the perfect tree to take a picture of us.  Too bad our hair + the wind did not work well together!

Really, trail runs/hikes are my favorite things ever, and the fact that I was able to do this in February seems like a huge blessing to me.  I was getting so frustrated with the dreary skies - this was just what I needed!

Also, I proceeded to wear shorts throughout the entire day.  Love those things (they make me feel so free!)

I find this video so amusing!  We meant to take a picture, but accidentally got a time lapse instead haha.

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