Saturday, February 14, 2015

It's Valentine's Day Again

Over the years I have had mixed feelings about Valentine's Day.  I'm not a gushy person, but I do believe that the idea of dedicating the whole day to love is a cute idea.  I know I should hate Valentine's Day because it is just a commercialized holiday created to get money from all those people out there who mistakenly think that they have to prove their love by spending money (gross).  But I actually don't hate the day.  Why?  Because I like any reason to do something out of the ordinary.

Like I usually do for this particular holiday, I handed out some personalized Valentine's cards to a few of my friends, as well as some Asian candy!  After much thought, I decided to not show you most of the cards I made because of their controversial nature haha (my friends and I are into communist puns as of late, and it is a horrible, horrible thing).  But here are two of them!

As for how I celebrated the holiday... well... I kind of kept forgetting that it was Valentine's.  I cleaned the house a little bit and did some quality reading.  My reading was pleasantly interrupted by my cute cousins "heart-attacking" our front door!

My grandpa also stopped by with a surprise.  Just like every year, he doorbell ditched boxes of chocolate on our front porch!  I proceeded to eat so much chocolate that I forgot to eat dinner, haha!

The evening ended with Jeff, Mike, and Bailey coming over to help me prime Seiji's room for some painting.  I'll update you on that project later!

So yeah, it was an excellent Valentine's Day spent at home with my lovely Shakee!  Hope you had a good one too!

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