Friday, February 27, 2015

Often Overlooked Words

I've been in a vocabulary-building mood this month.  English is such a complex language, we should all be taking advantage of the fact that there are about 10 different words for basically the same thing!  The sad part is, there are a lot of words that everyone knows what they mean, or at least can figure it out in context, that we simply don't use in everyday conversation.  That's quite frustrating to me.

I thought I would share with you guys some easily forgotten words that I've adopted into my vocabulary this month. I try to do about one a week, but sometimes I pick up on more that are worth remembering!

Nebulous (adjective)
Hazy, Vague, Confused
This one is probably my favorite!  I learned it from Sarah when I was complaining to her how I didn't know how to feel about anything.  She said that "nebulous" would properly sum up my emotions as well as hers, then we proceeded to get ice cream and feel better about everything.

Inept (adjective)
Generally incompetent, without skill
I learned this word in Franny and Zooey, when Franny was talking about men in general, haha.  I think it is a perfectly classy word that I will end up using much more often than I should.

Erudite (adjective)
Scholarly, well educated
I had a little bit of trouble incorporating this word into my vocabulary, because it seems like it should be a noun to me.  Nevertheless, I think it is a gem!  I came across it when searching for a new word to replace "scholarly" in my vocabulary, because I find myself saying that a lot.  It's good to have an alternative now!

Fortuitous (adjective)
Lucky, fortunate by chance
This one is a simple one!  My philosophy professor has THE BEST vocabulary, and only now am I starting to take note of the things he says.  He called something "tragically fortuitous" the other day, and I thought it was beautiful.  So I'm going to now often use this forgotten, yet easily understandable word!

Deleterious (adjective)
Harmful, injurious
Yet another exciting word from my philosophy professor!  I don't remember what he was talking about when he said this word, but it stuck with me.  It doesn't roll off the tongue as smoothly as one would hope, but it is a good one nonetheless.


And that is all I have for you today!  Words are my absolute favorite, and I recommend to all of you to start building up your vocabulary.  Because it is actually a lot of fun!

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