Sunday, February 1, 2015

St. George Temple

Upon deciding what we should do before lunch today, I suggested that we stop by the St. George temple.  We were actually planning on going inside yesterday, but unfortunately time didn't allow.  But I still wanted to get some pictures!

Holy cow I can't believe how WHITE the building is!  It was absolutely blinding!  But that was part of its beauty, of course.  It was so so cool to be standing in front of the oldest temple in Utah!

Here is one of the few pictures of me taken on this trip.  That's what happens to the journalists, they're not very documented themselves, haha!

Seiji realized this and tried to get an artistic shot of me...

We went inside the visitors center where we talked to some sister missionaries and tried to do some family history research (no luck).  We then proceeded to stare at the Christus for a little bit, which was of course beautiful.

I absolutely love this picture that my grandma got of little Liam and I.  How I love that boy!

I'm super glad that we stopped by the temple!  It was uplifting even just being on the grounds.  I'm planning to go back soon to do some baptisms!

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