Monday, February 9, 2015

The Periodic Table

Let's talk about the periodic table and why I love it enough to let it grace my wall.

First of all, isn't it so pretty?  I wish I could give you the link to Modcloth where I found this particular poster (printed on archival Italian paper - gasp!), but it would seem as if they do not carry it anymore.  Such a shame.

Anyway, with a lack of exciting things in my life to blog about today, the only thing I could think of writing about is the periodic table.  It's a pretty good idea, if you ask me, because for some reason people don't understand why I am so intrigued by it.

I'm not going to pretend to be some chemistry expert.  Science is hard for me to wrap my mind around, though I do like it a lot.  So fascinating!  Astronomy is my favorite, of course, but chemistry is pretty cool too.  I must think it's pretty cool if I like the periodic table so much.

So why do I like the table the way I do?  To keep it simple - it is awesome.  I mean, all of the elements in this world, all in one place!  This is what we are made up of, folks, as well as everything around us.  What we are made of is contained in one place, and that seems pretty impressive to me.

The order of the elements really satisfies my need for things to be organized, and I think it is just so cool that they can be arranged in such a way that there are patterns throughout the entire table!  It is amazing to me, the reoccurring trends, and how you can predict the properties of following chemicals just based off of patterns and what you already know.

Let's not forget the countless secret messages you could write using the chemical symbols.  The pun potential is limitless, and the fact that this poster is right next to my computer really helps when I'm at loss for words (because the chemical symbols can speak for me... *tear*).

Maybe you're convinced by now that the periodic table is more than just noteworthy.  You must be to some extent, considering you are still reading my words.  But my point is, I love the periodic table to extreme amounts, and excellent will be the day when I can find some periodic table socks.

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