Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Walk by the Lake

This morning Seiji and Kylie took Alli and I to the lake to explore!

You see, it all started when Alli and I showed up to Seiji and Kylie's place near midnight last night, ready for some quality bonding time.

Haha I love that my uncle labeled their door!

The four of us ate chips and watched Big Hero 6.  We've been wanting to watch it because of the great reviews.  It was pretty cute!  But not quite as touching and adorable as everyone said it was.

Anyway, eventually we went to sleep, woke up, went to Seiji and Kylie's ward (I love visiting other wards!)  We then decided to check out the harbor that is just down the street from their place.  It was beautiful!

The colors were beautiful out there, and the temperature was just about perfect.  We walked along the shore for a while, writing things in the sand and looking for shells.

Let's take a moment to appreciate that us three girls were wearing TOMs.

Walking along the beach was a beautiful way to start the day, even though the water of Utah lake is kind of nasty, haha!  I didn't even realize how close the lake is to Seiji and Kylie's - it is literally a five minute drive away.  With that knowledge, I'll no doubt return soon!

And it was SO lovely to spend time with Alli!  I don't see that girl nearly enough!

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