Sunday, March 1, 2015

An Average Sunday

It is a little bit amusing to me that I have more classes on Sundays than any other given day of the week.  Because my Sundays are so eventful these days, I decided that I should tell you what they consist of!  Kind of like last month's "A Day in the Life" post, but the Sunday version and picture-less.

First I have to sleep in a little bit.  Obviously that is needed after my usually exciting Saturdays!  I'm kind of weird about getting a certain number of hours of sleep, and on weekends I give myself 9 and it is heavenly.

Anyway, I get up, get ready, and eventually go to church which starts at 11:00.  As you may or may not know, church consists of:

  • Sacrament meeting (where people always give interesting talks, but sometimes I accidentally fall asleep on my mom's shoulder)
  • Sunday School (where I gather with the kids my age, which happens to be all boys.  We sit in a row, and I'm always in the middle with two empty seats beside me and then lots of boys on the other sides of those empty seats.  It's actually quite a hilarious sight.)
  • Young Women (where I have an excellent teacher and many other awesome leaders who I end up talking to a lot more than any of the young women themselves)

Church is always good!  I consistently find it to be thoroughly enjoyable.  I always learn something valuable, because even in the less-prepared lessons and talks you can always glean some sort of knowledge!

After church I go home and eat before I head off to my family history training.  I didn't anticipate how much I would love doing family history!  I go to this nice lady's house where a couple of other adults come to help out, and sometimes the two other youth specialists come as well.  With such a small group, I always learn tons and I always leave feeling excited about the work I'm doing!

Not long after my family history class is my mission prep class!  I love mission prep!  It is a class with all of the seniors in my stake, and it is astonishing how many of us show up.  Not too surprising, though, considering that our teachers are so awesome!  They are really good teachers with a lot of experience.  And they make us delicious desserts to eat after the lesson.

With the conclusion of mission prep, my responsibilities are generally over for the day!  Sometimes I have some kind of commitment, like playing piano for New Beginnings (which I did last week), but usually the rest of the evening usually consists of hanging out with my family or going over to my grandma's for Sunday Dinner.

Sundays fly by quicker than most days for some reason, but I do love them!

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