Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bailey & Jeff's Mission Picures

Even though today was super windy and definitely not the ideal day for pictures, Bailey and Jeff wanted to get their mission pictures done so that they could finish up their papers for good!

So after we went to the doctor's once again, the two of them got into their preaching clothes and we went to a very gross smelling park to snap a few pics.

Unfortunately there were some really angry ducks there that we had to avoid.

We had to be strategic about the places we stood so that the wind wouldn't mess up their hair too bad.   The Winning Truck did a nice job of blocking the view, but we decided that it probably wasn't an appropriate backdrop for such an occasion.

It was a struggle, but I think we did a good enough job considering our circumstances.

It was a little bit freaky for me to see these two dressed up as missionaries.  Because pretty soon they will be dressed up for real AND THEN THEY WILL LEAVE.  But that is okay because now I have this picture to forever look back upon:

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