Thursday, March 5, 2015

Favorites Of The Week

I think I may be addicted to Cold Stone... I went there with my mom this week as well as with Eths! 
He was using ice cream to reply to Sarah for Morp, so we had a good excuse to be there.

Here are some pictures taken in distance education classes these past couple of days.  Because taking pictures is sometimes more interesting than listening to student teachers drink water...

I have become really good friends with Bailey's English teacher.  It is her first year at my school, and I think it is such a shame that she's never been my teacher!  We get along quite nicely and often find ourselves chatting for a good hour or so.  She's about the funniest person ever, and she and I share many of the same interests.  One day, I saw a box labeled "Handicorn" on her desk, and I told her that it looked AWESOME.  She said, "I know you think it is awesome now, but just wait until you try it on!"  She was right that wearing a handicorn is one of the most amazing experiences one could ever experience.

It's gotten to a point where I don't even think twice when I see something like this happen in the middle of one of my free periods.

Kylie has been taking my Harry Potter books one at a time.  It has been amusing to come home from work and find one more gone every couple of days!  Haha!

Bailey and Eths had to buy some hipster sandals for the dance this weekend!  They never thought they would stoop to the level of buying such things, but once they put them on they could understand the hubbub.  They then wore them to Cafe Rio, because for some reason we often end up there during fourth period.

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