Saturday, March 14, 2015

Favorites Of The Week (Part 2)

Bailey and I went up to Salt Lake City for Jeff's sister's wedding reception!  What a beautiful place.  The salad was good, too.

I was walking out of Dustin's classroom when Ethan excitedly called me telling me that his theater class was cancelled for the day.  Naturally, that meant we needed to go get food.
We thought we'd be adventurous and try breakfast food/go to IHOP.  It was indeed adventurous, but we probably won't go there again.

Bailey came to school right before he got his wisdom teeth out, and was matching with Tyler.  After his surgery, he called me while all drugged up and told me about Satan chapstick and the cactus on his tongue.  It was kind of the highlight of my day, though sitting around watching movies with him all evening was also nice.
Don't worry, he recovered in three hours!  The next day I picked him up and he was even chewing gum...

I may or may not have locked my keys in my car again... luckily this time I was with Seiji and Nathan who were able to pry the door open with a copper stick.  It worked!  It left my door a little bit bent, but Seiji hit it back into place with a hammer.  So now there's a small hole in the corner of my door and it makes me laugh.
We then got ice cream and it was delicious.

This is our friend Ethan!  What a nice fellow.

We worked on our badminton skills at my grandma's house.  Seiji and I used to be pretty good at the game, but it seems as if our abilities have left us!

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