Saturday, March 21, 2015

Favorites Of The Week

Jeff, Bailey, and I are the student of the week.  Yes.  Student.  Singular.  We get to share the parking pass!
This is what happens when you're best friends with the vice principal.

My job is really the best.  I know I always talk about how great it is, as well as how fantastic my coworker is, but it's true!  Sometimes we get to drive the golf cart thing all around campus, and those days are exceptional.  Especially with this week's beautiful weather!

We like to go as fast as it can go.  Which isn't very fast.

Even when I'm busy, I will always make time to help Seiji with his college art projects.  This one was actually a book report, haha.  Some of his best work.

Alli took this picture of me last week while at the lake.  I must applaud her - the girl has an eye!

He told me I'm not allowed to say who fed me this, but I'm convinced that it's the best dinner I've ever been given.

Jeff, Bailey, and I spent a day at the Asian Market, watching missionary movies, and drawing with chalk.  These are good days.

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