Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mission Talk

Best friends go to the doctor's with each other...

Now why were we at the doctor's you may ask?  Working on mission papers, of course!  That adorable folder Jeff is holding (picked out by Bailey's mom, depicting a butterfly that we concluded must be Amazonian) contains Bailey's papers, which are so close to being complete.

My heart is full of love and excitement for these two boys.  Both of them are submitting their papers on the last day of this month, so missions are all we talk about nowadays!  All three of us are beside ourselves with anticipation to serve our missions, and I'd be lying if I said I'm not jealous that Jeff and Bailey get to leave this summer.  Both of them have put their availability dates as July 29, but we won't know until they get their calls what day they will actually leave!  Of course we are all hoping they get to go to exotic and foreign places, but when it comes down to it, serving the Lord is the same wherever you go so it's all a matter of waiting and seeing.  But I can hardly handle the wait!  Opening mission calls is about the most exciting thing ever, and that is what they will be doing in a month!

It will be a hard time for me, when my two best friends leave for 24 months.  But I'm more happy for them than anything!  They are going to be the most amazing missionaries!  I know that because of the amazing examples they have been to me.  They are both so excited about the gospel, and so eager to constantly build their testimonies.  They are going to have wonderful times, and it won't be long until I can join them out in the field!

Oh, and don't worry.  The result of our trip to the doctor's is that Bailey does not have tuberculosis!

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