Thursday, March 19, 2015

One Week To Go!

SkillsUSA State Competitions are officially a week away, and that is terrifying!  At the same time, though, it is completely exciting.

With Skills being a week away, and with our large collection of related apparel, my friends and I officially declared a week of Skills shirts.  Bailey and Jeff went above and beyond in their matching endeavors (and I suppose that I should mention Bailey's dedication, as he started wearing Skills shirts on Monday).

It's a pretty cool deal that we only have a week before the fun times of SkillsUSA, but I can't be excited yet because we are not exactly done with our project... heh.  We have been continuously working for MONTHS now, but building a Chapter Display is no small task.  Especially when your team consists of three students who are visionaries, and two advisers who encourage us to go above and beyond.  Our display is really something, and I can't wait until it is done so that I can show you!

Though it has been a lot of work, the process has been so much fun.  Our team is obviously AWESOME, and it has been fulfilling to watch a sketch become a real thing through our hard work.

This week we are finishing things up, as our goal is to be done by Saturday.  We have been working on the base, which we were going to use barnwood for but then realized that didn't work.  Instead we are staining some new cedar.  Holy cow, are Jeff and I lucky to have acquired a teammate with so much skill in the woodshop...

Today, Bailey and I spent the entire afternoon at a different high school getting a particular metals teacher's help with cutting a bunch of metal.  We owe that teacher a thousand cookies.

So yeah, things are coming along!  It is a little bit stressful that we aren't completely done by this point, but we are actually ahead of schedule because for years past, Chapter Display teams have been working up until the day of.  And we are on the home stretch - we'll be done pretty soon!

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