Saturday, March 7, 2015

Prom Spelled Backwards

Morp.  Prom spelled backwards.  Ridiculous!  As horrible as being in a dark room full of sweaty teenagers sounds, dances can actually be really fun if you can get yourself a quality date.  And if you do more things than just go to the dance (like go rock climbing!)

So with that knowledge, I got myself the most quality date I could think of (the Bailey Holmes), and formed a group with my favorite lady Sarah!  She asked BFF Eths to be her date so basically we had the best group ever.

Now you may be admiring our togas and be thinking wow, what a cool school to have an ancient Rome themed dance! But my friends, you are thinking in error.  You see, a couple of months ago Bailey and I were talking to his dad and learned that he used to be part of a toga club.  We proceeded to be jealous, and have been looking for an excuse to wear togas since.  Well this dance came up, and we weren't even sure of the theme before we realized that this would be our perfect toga-wearing opportunity.  So togas it was.  Upon discussing it with Sarah, we together confirmed that, "this is our last girl's choice dance... we are going to wear whatever the heck we want!"

Turns out that the theme for the dance was "Thrift Shop", which kind of works because for all everyone knows, maybe we made these togas out of thrifted bedsheets.  But actually, I made my toga out of the softest bedsheet in the world, which my mom gave me.  I made Bailey's toga out of the same thing, guessing his size based off of a medium size t-shirt, a sparkly pink dress, and a picture of him.  Turns out togas are super easy to make!

I helped Sarah make her toga as well as Ethan's.  I'd say we all looked pretty ancient!

Ethan insisted that we take a jillion pictures.  Okay, maybe not a jillion, but 300+ pictures is pretty close to that.  Really though.  We even went to two different locations!  We took so many pictures that you will actually see more of them tomorrow.  Unfortunately, not a single one of them turned out very good, haha.

Anyway, taking pictures was way fun, as I'm sure you can see!  After pictures we went rock climbing, as I told you yesterday, then we went to Costa Vida.  None of us can deny that that is the best place to eat!  After eating we went back to my house to change back into togas, jam a little bit around the piano, and just talk.  Then it was off to the dance!

The dance was actually really fun.  Definitely the most fun dance I've been to!  Ethan's moves were absolutely stellar, as usual, and I had never been dancing with Bailey and Sarah before so that was super entertaining.  It was really fun even though our time was cut short by a kid having a seizure!

After the dance, we again went to my house where we played a round of Scattergories.  Undoubtedly, the best part of that game is arguing about what counts and what doesn't.  And the debates are always especially heated when Eths is playing.  Bailey won and is apparently really good at the game - probably because of his master persuasion techniques!

So it was a really long day packed full of fun!  Seriously, I had a fantastic time.  Thanks to my extremely wonderful date, the Bailey Holmes!

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