Friday, March 6, 2015

Rock Climbing at The Quarry

At first, Sarah and I weren't planning on any kind of "day date" for Morp, but upon talking to Ethan we decided that we should definitely go rock climbing!  Mostly because he loves rock climbing and Sarah, Bailey, and I were eager to try it.

I have gone rock climbing before, if you remember my time spent in China last summer.  That was a slightly anxiety-filled experience, but I've been wanting to go rock climbing again since!  Because of how nerve-wracking it was, I was a little bit worried about this choice of activity, but it turns out that climbing in a gym is WAY easier than climbing a real rock.  And the lack of high humidity was a huge plus.

I'm getting ahead of myself here.  Ok, so we went to this place called The Quarry, and it was super cool!  It had walls and walls of climbing space, and the people there were so nice.  The workers taught us how to belay each other, and it was a little bit scary how quickly we learned and applied our skills of not letting each other fall to our deaths.

I loved climbing!  I reached the top on several occasions, until we accidentally went to one of the hardest walls.  I probably didn't make it more than 6 feet off the ground there!  Haha, Ethan was the best out of all four of us because of how quick he was.  It was truly impressive to watch him.

I asked Eths to take a picture of Bailey and I, but he took a selfie instead.  Actually, he took five.

My favorite part was letting go of the wall.  I would look down at Bailey, and he would signal that he was ready to lower me down.  Then I would let go and sometimes accidentally swing out!  Haha, it was really fun, and Bailey was good about keeping me alive.

Anyway, it was a fabulous experience.  We all had a lot of fun, and I definitely want to go again sometime soon!

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