Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SkillsUSA State: Day 1

If "Skills kid" counts as a stereotype, I guess I finally know where I fall.  Seriously, though, I love the organization.  And if you read my blog, you know that to be true!  So thus begins a multitude of blog posts about the two days spent at SLCC.  The first day can actually be summed up in one post, so here we go!

First up, we took apart our recently completed project and loaded it up in the trailer.  We were fearful for our display's safety, but the fact that we made it so we can take it apart piece by piece makes transportation relatively safe!  Here we are with it before we took it apart:

Then we were off!  I love bus rides, and it was definitely a good one with magic tricks and stories from The Godfather of Skills (Mr. Taylor).

There wasn't much to do when we got to the student center of Salt Lake Community college.  So it was a lot of fun to just hang around and talk to people.  I love that so many of my friends have joined Skills!

The only place I had to be was Opening Ceremonies because my precontestant meeting wasn't until day 2.  Opening Ceremonies are always so funny because of how official they are!  I love listening to Ethan recite what the State officers say (he knows their lines better than they do).  And recreating the emblem's hands is a favorite pastime.

We recently learned that on the emblem, one hand is a boy's and one hand is a girl's.  Hence the asymmetry that always killed me.  But now I understand and appreciate it!

Not that we pay much attention to the meeting, which isn't very long anyway.

With nothing to do the rest of the day, Jeff, Cole, and I went to watch our quiz bowl team in their competition!  Holy cow it was thrilling!  Really, though, I got way too excited about it all, I might as well have been watching an action movie.  It was way fun to see my friends doing their stuff, and I simply died when Ethan rebutted an objection made towards his answer to some science question.  Ethan whipped out some absolutely erudite response that left everyone speechless.  They all rocked, and I think they have a good chance of winning! (We are pretty sure they got the most points, but they also took a test for their competition and we don't know their scores on those.)

That's kind of all we did.  I spent some time practicing my presentation, and some more time sitting around with my friends.  Sweet Bailey brought me two bananas over the course of the day (I seriously don't know where he found them, because I couldn't when I looked!), but other than that nothing super noteworthy happened.  Nothing comparable to Quiz Bowl, that is!

Though I ate some bananas and some pizza earlier in the day, I was STARVING by the evening.  We all were, but all of the food places on campus were closed!  We would have left campus, but we didn't know when the buses were coming and couldn't risk missing them.  Food was sent from the heavens, though, when our state director passed by.  He was pushing around a cart of boxes and we asked if he needed help.  Turns out they were boxes of food, which he shared with us!  We all died of happiness.  What a blessing.

What a nice day it was!  I really enjoyed not having to worry about anything, after being busy busy busy for so many weeks.

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