Wednesday, March 25, 2015

SkillsUSA State: Day 2

Day 2 of SkillUSA.  We left at 5:45 in the morning, had our precontestant meeting at 8:30, set up our project, and then presented.  With all of the business being done early in the morning, we had another full day to enjoy before closing ceremonies!

After changing out of my uniform, I finally got to wear my State tshirt!  This was designed last December, and the presidency has been excited for it to come to fruition.  I love it.

We gifted one to the state director.  He loved it.

A truly quality part of the day was when we walked out of the LA building to see Cupbop, the best food truck in the world, sitting in the parking lot!  Yet another example of food sent from the heavens!  Eths has had Cupbop before, but it was definitely a wonderful thing that all our other friends could try such a beauty.

They all loved it.

We actually spent a lot of the day putting away our Chapter Display.  It was really a shame that we couldn't leave it up very long, but we knew that we wouldn't want to take it down after the excitement of closing ceremonies tonight.  But it was all good because taking down was fun!  Going back and forth from the trailer can be a good time.

Facing my carpophobia in creative ways with the help of my good friends.  It's not so bad when I don't look!

We also put away Career Pathway Showcase's stuff.  Unfortunately you can't even see that Bailey and Jeff were holding me up in the air via this purple chair!

After a few perilous tilts, I decided against having them carry me all the way to the trailer.

At one point in the day I started craving some coke, which is a rare (though not impossible) thing for me.  So, a trip to the food court was made and I invested in some soda!  Unfortunately they didn't even have coke, so I tried Dr. Pepper upon Bailey's request.  It's not as good as coke.

Dustin tried making Bailey wear his Nationals medal all day.  Bailey mostly made Ethan wear it, though, which Ethan willingly did.  It was kind of hilarious.

The day passed swiftly, and soon it was time for Closing Ceremonies!  Not before Ethan officially presented to me the emblem, of course.

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