Monday, March 23, 2015


My friends!  The week is finally here!  Yes.  SkillsUSA State Competitions.  My teammates and I have been working hard, and I am happy to announce that our project is finally complete.  Our display is created, I finished the notebook, and the presentation I prepared has been my drive-to-school recitation for weeks.

So now it is time for the fun!  But one can't properly prepare for Skills state without building up to it in every way possible.  As I declared last week, SkillsUSA shirts have been worn on the daily.  Dustin made a quality commercial.  And I've been eating lots of bananas, in attempt of placeboing myself that they will keep me from getting nervous (which is quite the feat because bananas are kind of disgusting)!

To further prepare for state competitions, I have integrated into my vocabulary a very specific way of talking that I have shared with a fraction of my chapter and will now share with you.  You see, in order to keep the spirit of Skills in your heart, you must speak in a way that refers to the organization with both gusto and respect.

My first and absolutely most catchy example is the increasingly popular greeting: SkillsUSHey!  This word is used most appropriately when you pass by a fellow SkillsUSA chapter member.  Though the most beneficial time to use such a term is when talking to members, it is also allowed to be used when talking to other people in order to spread awareness of the organization.

SkillsUSYay is an overall fantastic example of the type of exclamation you should use when celebrating something SkillsUSA related.  Like if you just finished your project, or if you accidentally show up to school in the same Skills shirt that your BFF is wearing.  Once again, though, the usage of this term need not be solely used for Skills-related situations, but can add emphasis to the simple word "yay" itself.  Because Skills makes everything better.

SkillsUSNay is used when you want to kindly and professionally disagree with someone during a Skills related conversation.  This term has been used at many times, one such time being when I asked someone their opinion about whether or not they liked the notebook page I made.  If you want to add some more fire to the meaning of the term, SkillsUSNoWayJose is undoubtedly the way to go, giving the answer a similar meaning but producing a drastically different effect.

You see, there are many different options for the talking with Skills on the mind.  The options are numerous and I daresay even unlimited when you consider that you can put SkillsUS in front of most anything.  A favorite being, "SkillsUSWhat?!" when questioning a fellow teammate.

So, as you proceed to prepare for state competitions this week, remember to keep Skills in your hearts and in your vocabularies.  And, of course, I wish you the best of luck!

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