Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Markosian Library

Once again, my friends and I could not resist the allure of the Markosian Library...

Really, though.  I could spent all day in a library!  And with my friends there, libraries are 5 times as fun.  I just hope we didn't annoy the people who were there to study!

Eths, Andy, and I are always sure to get plenty of "Asian Pictures" together.  I think this one may stand out as truly the greatest.

We spent a while at the library, just talking pictures and doing whatever!  This next one of Eths is kind of the coolest.

Oh, and how cool is Andy's backpack?!  Whoever can find me one of these wins my heart.  It was his when he was in elementary school in Japan.  He's bringing it back into style, and Jeff and Bailey just had to try it on!

What a good place.  But, eventually we had to leave!

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