Monday, March 9, 2015

The Places I End Up

I find it amusing, the places I end up.  Last week, Dustin asked me if I would plan to join the video kids for a day of shooting this fine Monday.  So I skipped my classes, took the day off work, and found myself in Salt Lake City for the majority of the day!

Now, I really don't know why I went.  It was a "go with the flow" type of situation - I was along for the ride!  The extremely squishy ride, might I add.  And of course I would be up for the ride, because my friends were there too!  Funny how my group of friends consists of so many video kids, yet I have never taken a video class in my life.  They're just some outstanding people, I suppose!

Anyway, it was pretty much a really fun day, and I documented the entirety of it with the crappy quality of an IPhone camera.  I forgot to bring my Lumix, unfortunately.

Our first stop was the grounds of the Salt Lake City and County Building.  Don't worry, we kept safe as we crossed all streets!

At some point, Bailey, Jeff, and I went exploring inside.  It was a little too cold to be outside and the filming was taking forever.  Plus, we've always wanted to see inside this beautiful building!  I can't say that I was that impressed, though.  Which is definitely a shame.  Like, it was pretty, but it could have been prettier.

We went to the fifth floor via the stairs, explored the halls, critiqued the head room on portraits of the mayors, and found the current mayor's office before Bailey's phone started ringing from people who realized we were missing.  We went back outside to get a couple more shots (one of which I was walking in - oh baby!) before we went to our next location.

The next location was a pretty interesting one, mostly because I didn't know it existed.  It was an old LDS church with some pretty gardens, and a gross but still pretty pond!  It took us a really long time to find a gate that was unlocked, even though all of the signs said that it was open and available for photography (which translates to "filming" right?)

The moldy dead fish was a nice touch.  Except that I couldn't look at it because it seriously made me want to puke.

We spent quite a while there, skipping rocks and walking around.  Oh, and filming.  There were people filming of course.

After staying at the church for a while, we got some food and were off to our next location!  EXCEPT THAT WE COULDN'T FIND IT.  Dustin made it sound easy to find, but it definitely was not.  If anyone knows where a cool abandoned house near the Great Saltair is; good for you.  Because we certainly don't know.

After driving around lost for a while, it was decided that we would settle for a suspicious looking tunnel!

The tunnel had all sorts of questionable things written on it, and the old fridge sitting nearby really added to the mood.

There wasn't tons to explore there, so I spent most of my time taking pictures with some friends that I lack pictures with.

Here I am with Sarah.  I like Sarah.  She is cool, and I appreciate her existence.

Let's throw in Kjrsten.  I like her, and someday, maybe someday, I'll remember how to spell her name without having to look at her Instagram page.  The three of us bonded at A101 last October so we are basically sisters in Zion or something.

Oh and here is Tyler!  I didn't know him until like two weeks ago, even though he's been in my mission prep class all term.  Turns out he is super hilarious and pleasant.  What a good fellow.

At the end of the shoot there was a ceremonious "letting go of the 12 balloons McKenna brought" shot taken.  Even though about 8 of those balloons were gone because of the dancers who kept inhaling the helium.  Of course, Jeff and I took the opportunity to complain about the waste of the ever decreasing amount of element no. 2.

After that, we packed back up to head to our hometown!

So I still don't know why Dustin wanted Jeff and I there, but I'm glad that he did because I had a lot of fun.  It was a nice way to spend a Monday, and I probably learned a thing or two about filming if I think really hard!  Actually, I take that back.  I definitely didn't learn anything.

I love these people.

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