Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Things Aren't So Bad

I'm basically a happy person.  I'm generally optimistic, that is.  But you know, some days things just seem to go wrong!  Yesterday there was a series of mini crises, and things just weren't going as planned.  There were a few problems with our Chapter Display plans, I was assigned two papers due next week, I needed to talk to my boss but she wasn't at work, and I somehow injured my wrist.  Not to mention, I was exhausted all day!  It was a little bit frustrating, but by the time my car broke down I just had to laugh.  I mean, how down should you get about minor problems in your life when you have a grandpa who can save you, a mom who will take you to get Mexican food, and two best friends who will send you good luck selfies when informed about your car problems?!

Life is pretty awesome, guys.  And whether your problems be big or small, remember to just focus on the good things!

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Cayla Maggio said...

Life can sometimes just be littered by those burdens and annoyances, like a car breakdown in your case. In any way, a broken down car is simply something that needs to be dealt with, and decisively at that. Good thing that everything has been done and dealt with by now. Thanks for sharing that, Madi! Stay positive!

Cayla Maggio @ Nowthen Transmission

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