Tuesday, March 31, 2015

We Are Still Pretty Witty

Last week I was blogging along, minding my own business, when I heard my doorbell ring.  I glanced out my window to see my dear friend Tyler sprinting across my lawn!  I went to my door and found this poster and a spool of thread that I unraveled to discover the name of the one and only Bailey Holmes!

It was kind of super adorable.  Well, today I answered him back!  It took me a while because I had no genius ideas, but luckily for me good old Eths was willing to help out.  Before I show you what I did, you must remember last November when the Skills presidency was trying to design a shirt for a service project.  Bailey's idea was a shirt that says, "Let's taco 'bout SkillsUSA", and the idea hasn't quite died.  We still talk to G periodically about making those shirts come to life.

So we thought we were pretty clever when we came up with the idea to make this shirt!

I bought him some Cafe Rio and wrote "SkillsUSYes!" on the lid of his burrito (I know it'd be more appropriate to have gotten him a taco, but I know his favorite order, okay?) and left the two things on a chair in G's room during his prep period.

G called Dustin and asked if Bailey would come down right away, and I left the room.  Apparently it took Bailey a long time to notice it after coming into his classroom, haha!

Anyway, it looks like I'm going to prom with Bailey!  Yay!

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