Monday, April 13, 2015

Bailey is Going to El Salvador!

After much anticipation, tonight it was made known to us that Bailey will spend the next two years of his life in El Salvador, the San Salvador East mission!

We weren't expecting his call to come until later this week.  A call arriving on a Monday is unheard of!  But I got back from a run and I had several missed calls, texts, and a voicemail from Bailey telling me that his call came.  Minutes later he showed up to my door with the big white envelope, and I almost cried!  But he couldn't open it yet, of course.  You can imagine how hard it was for me to teach a piano lesson right after that!

At 8:00 we (as in Bailey's friends and family) gathered at Bailey's house and watched him open his call.  It was extremely exciting.

Bailey is leaving for the Mexico Missionary Training Center on August 19th.  He will serve his whole mission in Spanish!  He is so excited about getting a foreign mission, and it is also pretty awesome that he'll be learning a language.  Obviously I'm super excited for him too!  I'm going to miss him lots, and I'll worry about him endlessly (El Salvador doesn't seem like the safest place to go), but he is going to be so good.  I'm really proud of him for his decision to serve, and I'm proud of him for how worthy he is to do so.  I've never met someone more excited about the gospel than he is - he will influence so many people!


Angee said...

I love that his call came on Tropical Tuesday. Oh wait - Monday, but with a tropical shirt on. :)

Madi Riye said...

Haha! I thought about that too - it must have been a sign that we wore our tropical shirts that day!

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