Thursday, April 2, 2015

Favorites Of The Week (Part 1)

Stewart got his mission call!  And I was able to make it to his opening, which was awesome.  He's going to North Carolina, Spanish speaking!

Speaking of missionaries, look at this picture Elder Rosenbalm drew for me!  Oh, he is amazing.
"So, the focus is the girl with the umbrella (that can be you). She's walking down this path in a pristine park. All around are strange looking trees and in the distance are these glistening gargantuan buildings. It is raining, and it will hopefully have a sci-fi, futuristic feel!"

Have you ever heard of a kiwano?  Neither had we.  But, when Bailey and I saw this lovely spiky fruit thing at Smith's while doing the grocery shopping, we knew we had to invest.  It was pretty good, though the texture was questionable!

Bailey and I also went to DI where I almost died with joy upon finding this mug.  You see, I have the very same one in a different shade of blue, and it is without question the best thing ever for the drinking of water and other various beverages.  And now I have two of them!  Good day!

Our facilitator for our distance ed classes is an absolute angel.  She is merciful, helpful, and just so nice!  So, Eths and I took her a plethora of high quality cookies to show our appreciation.  Some people just deserve it!  And we were out getting Thai food anyway, so why not?

There have been so many vinyl orders in the sign room!  Because of that, we are going through a lot of plastic.  Luckily my coworker and I are excellent architects.
Madison gets most of the credit for this.  I had just gotten the base done before I had to leave to take the mail.  That flag, though!  Truly astounding.

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