Friday, April 3, 2015

Favorites Of The Week (Part 2)

Bailey and I officially started dating this week, and no one is more excited about the fact than Dustin.  He feels as if it is a personal victory (he's been working on getting us together for a while, I guess), and wore Bailey's shirt for an entire day to celebrate.  I thought it was kind of super hilarious.

Ethan had Bailey and I over to see every single one of his China pictures from last year.  Haha, it was definitely a highlight of the day!  He's got some good stories, like when a blind masseur started massaging his butt or when he got lost on the Great Wall.

Who knew that bagels from Smith's are so good?

Jeff got his wisdom teeth out today, so we all went over to his house to visit him in his hours of pain.  Except that he's recovered amazingly swiftly, just like Bailey did!  My theory is that you heal better and quicker when you get your wisdom teeth out for the purpose of a mission.

Mochi is the most delicious thing in this world.  Well, one of the most delicious things (curry is a fierce competitor).  Seiji, Kylie, Bailey, and I had a mochi making extravaganza and it was so fantastic!  Bailey makes the most beautiful mochi, it turns out.  Too bad he doesn't even like it!

Kylie and I went to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens together!  The benefits of working for Thanksgiving Point are so wonderful.  I'm grateful that I can go (and even bring someone) for free whenever I want!

General Conference starts tomorrow!  Life is good.

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