Friday, April 17, 2015

Favorites Of The Week

Yay friends and food!  This week we've left school twice for lunch.  Turns out that going to someone's house for lunch is a cheap and fantastic way to get food.  Plus what could be nourishing than pancakes, macaroni and cheese, and leftover Olive Garden breadsticks?

We finally had to return our student of the week parking pass.  We gave it back in three pieces, since the three of us had to share it!
Don't worry, we hid the real pass in the vice principal's office!  This was just a laminated photocopy...

I walked into Dustin's room, and before I could even say hi to anyone, an earthquake drill was announced!  So Ethan and I had to hide under Dustin's desk, haha.

Bailey and I went to his niece's birthday party!  It was so cute!

Our distance education classes are quickly coming to an end!  So enjoy these selfies while you can...

Bailey makes me grilled cheese sandwiches whenever I'm hungry.  He's basically a pro at it.

The temple is the greatest place to be on a Friday night!

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