Thursday, April 9, 2015

Goblin Valley

I went to Goblin Valley years and years ago.  Sometime in elementary school.  So long ago, that all I remember about it is that we went with my neighbor and she made the most delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I don't even like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Only the one that my neighbor made on that particular day (I think it was the grape jelly that really worked for me).

My friends hadn't been there for a while either, so it was a pretty easy decision to make while deciding where to go!

I took a plethora of pictures, so just enjoy them and I'll make random comments here and there.  Oh, and then you'll see more tomorrow.  Good stuff.

Haha Jeff's outfit was my favorite!  For most of the day he wore his poncho, Bailey's hat (backwards, of course), and Bailey's clip-on sunglasses.  He said, regarding his getup, "it's not a fashion statement, it's a fashion experience".  I kind of died laughing at that comment.

Bailey and I, of course, needed to get a quality picture together, but the harsh sunlight proved to be a struggle.  Our valiant photographer Ethan was not going to give up on us, though!  We got many pictures...  all of them pretty good, if you ask me.

High five.  Low five?

We kind of got super hungry.  We were planning to stop somewhere to eat on the way to the park, but as I mentioned yesterday, we didn't realize that there was no food within 2 hours of the place.  We had poptarts, crackers, granola bars, and plenty of water, so we didn't starve completely.  Nevertheless, we did find ourselves eating dirt...

I took a bite out of a rock made of dirt and it really wasn't that bad.  The taste was okay - the grittiness of it which stays in your teeth was probably the most unpleasant part.

We were really quite happy about the temperature there.  It was perfect!  Well, Bailey complained that it was kind of hot, but he was wearing more clothes than the rest of us.  We all got some sun and left with the beginning of our summer tans.  Makes me excited for the warm!

To be continued...

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