Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hogle Zoo

Prom is tonight!  Yay!  I really can't believe this is my last high school dance, and so far it has been well spent.  Because our day date was going to Hogle Zoo!  I love that place, but haven't been there for years!

Sometimes I'm against zoos because the animals look so sad, but we saw some pretty lively little dudes today.  Like the adorable elephant who painted a picture!  He ate melons, too.  I would also require melons if expected to paint a picture just for people to watch.

It was really fun just walking around and exploring!  And it was the perfect weather outside, which was super lucky.  Though the elephants were probably my favorite to see, I also really enjoyed the turtles because I felt at home with them.  Ethan and I just really connected with those guys.

Turtle faces.
I must also mention the fabulous group I was with!  Our group today is Eths, Amanda, Jeff, Kylee, T-Shelt, Kjersten, and of course Bailey and I.  Good people.

So yeah, that's what we did today!  What a great day date!  Stay tuned for the rest of Prom festivities.

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